Library Service Policy


Fowler Public Library service hours will comply with the Linking Library Service Grant criteria, and will be reviewed annually by the Library Board.  The library will be open at such hours and days of the week as the Board may determine by resolution as necessary. The librarian will determine any closures due to weather conditions.

Fowler Public Library will be closed on the following days:

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day (and the Saturday after if the library is normally closed on Thursdays)
Christmas Holiday Period—Christmas Eve Day, December 24
Christmas Day, December 25

Additional days may be designated by a Library Board motion on a one-time basis.


Any group is welcome to use the library for small meetings upon approval of the Director, and in special circumstances, with the added approval of the Library Board. All meetings held within the library are open to public attendance.

Exhibits in the Library will be determined at the discretion of the Director and the Library Board. While library personnel will make every effort and take every precaution to ensure the safety of the exhibit, the Library will not be held liable for damaged or stolen property.

Fowler Public Library strives to comply with the federal mandates outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Fowler Public Library will operate with safe and sanitary conditions for the benefit of patrons at all times. Proper climate control will be provided for patron comfort, as well as for the preservation of the library materials.


Fowler Public Library cards with corresponding patron numbers will be issued after an applicant has submitted all the needed information, including the Borrower Agreement’s signature and verification of the submitted mailing address. A postmarked postcard sent out and returned by the applicant will serve to verify the submitted address and only then will a card be issued to the new patron.

Parents or Guardians of a minor (17 years and younger) agree to be responsible for all materials and equipment used by their minor, and are responsible for teaching the minor child all library rules and guidelines to help him or her use the card.

The holder of a Fowler Public Library card has complete access to all circulating library materials, internet workstations (when internet access agreement has been signed and is on file), and most subscription databases as outlined in the Lending of Material Policy. Hard copy and online access to the Lending Policy will be provided per request and to each new patron when submitting a borrower’s application.

Courtesy notices to alert patrons to upcoming due dates of library materials will be sent if a current e-mail address is on record.


Patrons may choose to allow Fowler Public Library to keep an electronic history of all check-outs when filling out their updated patron information form. Fowler Public Library shall follow the guidelines for Retention and Disposition of Library Records as stated in K.S.A. 12-120 and 12-121.


Fowler Public Library will participate in the Kansas Library Card Program. Fowler Public Library (as the patron’s home library) will assist in the application process and will issue the Kansas Library Card to its patrons, as well as validate the patron’s card number for usage.


Fowler Public Library card holders will have access to materials as provided by Interlibrary Loan through the southwest Kansas Library System and the Kansas State Library. Loan regulations of the Fowler Public Library will govern the conditions under which materials may be borrowed. The overdue policy of the lending library will prevail on delinquent loans. Replacement costs of damaged or lost materials will be collected according to the materials replacement fund of the Kansas Network Board under procedures established by the Board and the Regional Library System.

Fowler Public Library participates in the interlibrary loan program and staff will provide requested materials in a timely manner to all other library participants of the program.


Patrons are encouraged to make use of the library reference service. Information will be provided over the telephone and for walk-in patrons. Reference sources on the premises will be consulted, and when the necessary reference information is not found in the library, the Fowler Public Library staff will make referrals to other appropriate sources or agencies. Prompt interlibrary loan service is an asset of this library.


Fowler Public Library will provide a Summer Reading Program for children, youth, young adults, and adults in the community. StoryTime for toddlers and preschool ages will be provided during the fall and/or winter seasons when attendance is enough to warrant the program.

Fowler Public Library provides a “Homebound Reading Program” designed for any patrons within city limits that are unable to leave their homes for library materials. Library staff will deliver and exchange any materials requested by the patron. Large print materials are available, or we can assist patrons in signing up for Kansas Talking Books, a service for blind or handicapped patrons.


Fowler Public Library has available for patron use a copier, and a printer. The current cost for printing is posted on the bulletin board and on the copy machine. The library will adhere to and reinforce those copyright laws as outlined in our Copyright Policy and as posted to the public on the copy machine and the bulletin board.

Fowler Public Library does not provide a public telephone, but local calls can be made by requesting permission from library personnel. A fax machine is available for faxes to be sent by request to library personnel and with their assistance. Cost of the faxing is the same per sheet as printed copy, as posted.

Fowler Public Library provides computers, software, and internet access for patrons, visitors, and travelers. Wireless connections are also available and are encouraged. Patrons and travelers can access the wireless connection outside the building after hours as a service of this library.